I smoked for 25 years, but once I had a family, I knew I had to quit. I tried all the methods - acupuncture, hypnosis, electric cigarettes, patches, books, phone lines, cold turkey - without succes. I always went back to smoking.

It wasn't until I read Quit for Life that I really understood the reasons behind why I smoked. The tools Quit for Life gave me, and my new understanding of my smoking 'story', as Jamie calls it, allowed me to quit smoking for good, and feel great about it.

I used the tools from Jamie's book in other areas of my life too, to assist witht he day-to-day stresses of life. It's been a real blessing for me to read Quit for Life, and for the first time in my ex-smoking life, I can truly say that I am a non-smoker, be happy aboutit and not feel I am missing out on smoking.

Brendan Marrable


I can honestly say that before reading Quit for Life, I had tried everything to give up smoking. I went from acupuncture - and I'm phobic about needles - to hypnotherapy. Nothing worked.

But 12 months after using Quit for Life as a GPS to navigate my way through the cravings and avoid the lapses that are so common, I have gone from smoking 30 cigarettes a day for 24 years to being completely nicotine free for 12 months.

It's time to take control back of your life and your health, and Quit for Life is the first step on the journey!

Brenda Segal

When I met Jamie in 1996, he was so passionate about helping people quit smoking that he offered me his time for free.

Jamie challenged the commonly held belief that it is difficult to stop smoking. He also helped me see the other issues that were keeping my relationship with cigarettes in place.

With Jamie’s approach, I learnt how to quit without the need to replace cigarettes with another substance, food or otherwise, thus avoiding weight gain or other unwanted symptoms. If I can do it, you can!

I feel extremely grateful that Jamie took the time to help me all those years ago. I recommend his simple yet effective approach to anyone wanting to quit smoking once and for all.

Talia Stevenson

Business owner


It is incredible how easy it has been for me to stop smoking. I wanted to stop, but wasn’t sure if I had the inner strength to actually do it. Jamie was able to put my mind in the right place, and he gave me special techniques to cope with any challenges. He assured me that my desire to smoke would not last long if I followed his process, and he was right! I am feeling so much healthier and happier thanks to Jamie, and I know my smoking days are in the past. I highly recommend his approach to anyone who wants to stop smoking without any stress at all.

Lisa Marks

Makeup artist